Our phone usually rings when you…

Lack sufficient expertise in house to maintain continual competitive edge

Are too busy and don’t have the time or resources to address business or marketing needs

Seek additional perspective to augment or influence your thinking

Go To Market Services

Product, Service or Program

We work alongside our clients to help build comprehensive product, program or service launch strategies, including some of the specific go-to-market functions such as:

Market Requirement Analysis
Customer Segmentation
Value Proposition creation
Launch Plan design
Channel Development
Ecosystem Growth

Communications Strategy

External or Internal

We help our clients understand the unique audience needs and scenarios of who to target, where, when and with the right value proposition message altitude to maximize the impact of their story

  • Develop and execute Customer Readiness and Communications programs
  • Internal and Field Teams Training and Communications Programs and Content
  • Partner Ecosystem Communications and Training

Content Strategy and Development

Executive keynotes, sales and marketing presentations, brochures, technical datasheets, white papers, demos

We help our clients develop powerful digital and printed content to reach their audiences.

  • Executive Keynotes, Sales and Marketing Presentations, Brochures, Technical Datasheets, White Papers, Demos among others
  • Marketing and Technical Bill of Materials supporting such projects such as Digital Transformation, Cloud Technologies, AI, IoT and Data, and Skills Development

Video Production

From aspiration, vision to technical product demos, consumer product videos and original documentaries

Our team can help develop a wide range of video-based content, from aspirational vision videos to technical product demos, consumer product videos, training and original documentaries

  • We have worked with customers on a variety of projects such as technology, healthcare, automotive, education, tourism, retail, consumer products, documentaries, and more

Virtual Event Management

In an environment where majority of events must be 100% virtual

Our team provides services in the current environment, where majority of events must be 100% online

  • Services include event strategy, content support, demand generation support, speaker training and onboarding, event hosting and moderation and follow up support

Business Program Governance

Program and project management

We can help design, develop and manage initiatives:

  • Outsourced Program Management
  • Project Management Services

Educational Up-Skilling, and Re-Skilling Programs

Helping organizations and individuals develop skills for the future

We work with K-12, Higher Education and Professional Development Institutions to help build and manage skills development programs for their students and constituents of all ages

Some of our customers

We worked with Technology, Healthcare, Public Sector and Non-Profits organizations.

What’s with the Flag?

Vexillum is the Latin word for Flag. We find inspiration from a common saying: “Fly your flag”. To us personally, it means to know, embrace and be proud of who you are. In the business world, we feel that, among other things, it implies identity, authenticity, uniqueness and unity of the brand. Winning businesses know and follow their core foundational principles to be true to who they are and “Fly their Own Flag”.